DSC_4092[4]There was huge hype last year before this boot hit the market and this game changer has lived up to all expectations.

A brief overview of this boot is a stiff, light touring boot that out walks and skis any other free touring boot out there. It is also fully compatible with any touring binding on the market.

Uphill: The three-buckle design allows for various foot shapes to be firmly held in place. The buckles are all light-weight and positioned to avoid catching on rocks. The top buckle invokes the simplicity in this boot. It works as the ski / walk mode when clipped in or out of place while the ladder holds your desired setting with an extra overlapping clip. The angle of freedom in walk mode feels like you’re in hiking boots and the removable tongue option allows you to have a stiffer walking boot when post hauling up a steep climb.

Skiing: The true test… These boots are stiff and have an aggressive forward lean compared to other boots. The dynafit inserts are noticeably easier to click into bindings and the low sole design has more of an alpine feel. The skiing is great I use these boots in both touring and downhill bindings.

They are sick.

Check them out at Gnomes in Darfield or online at http://www.dynafit.com/en/vulcan-tf-1.html



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