Dynafit TLT RadicalFinally after patiently waiting for a lightweight tech binding designed for performance freeriding, Dynafit released the Dynafit TLT Radical FT binding. I jumped at the opportunity and haven’t looked back!

The ultra light radical weighs a mere 600gms. That is over a kg lighter than its rivals! This is huge and when you multiply that by how many uphill strides are taken in an ascent the advantage is second to none.

The toe pivot / free heal motion provides effortless ascending with the option of crampons and are also super light while climbing with skis on your pack. The new design of the Radical FT features grunty side towers in the toe pins, which provide ridged torsional stiffness. Combine this with the toe release setting and you have a reliable lock through no fall zones.

The heal piece has a din setting 12 and breaks wide enough to fit powder skis up to 130mm. Three new climbing angles are really easy to change between and a new damping system has been introduced to help reduce ski chatter, which can be painful in variable snow conditions.

These epic bindings used in combination with stiff lightweight boots and torsionally stiff skis are the answer to any helicopterless freerider’s dreams.
Be sure to demo a pair or check them online here


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