The only pack you will ever need!
This 45L Cactus Climbing Pack can be compressed to a small size for easy resort skiing or expanded to be more than adequate for overnight trips. The outer pockets on this pack enables you to keep all mountain safety equipment (ie. rope, shovel, probe, poles, ice axe, skis, crampons) secured on the outside of the pack for easy access while keeping the inside contents dry when working or recreating in the snow.

Like most Cactus products the patrol pack is canvas with an internal waterproofing layer.  The pack carries skis in an A-Frame style which is my favored and very quick to assemble / disassemble, another great advantage of this is the ability to access shovel and probe without removing skis!
This is also my preferred summer pack for climbing, tramping and mountain biking.

Check it out for yourself here


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