115071_zealot_prf_webSki Black Diamond Zealot 192cm (136-110-125 mm) R 29m, 4.9kg

This ski was originally going to be my touring ski but it soon became my everyday ski. The Zealot tip features a low rocker early rise with taper. This is a very subtle design that allows easy turn initiation, great float in powder and doesn’t catch in punchy snow.

Underfoot the ski features a damp camber that is very responsive, shock absorbing in hard snow and stable at high speeds. A turn radius of 29m is quite big and allows this ski to run while maintaining controlled comfort during wide open turns in open bowls or sending it through tight chutes.

The tail of the Zealot features skin clips and is semi rocketed. This allows them to ski very traditionally through the open country and also pivot quickly with extreme directional control in steep technical terrain.

Last but not least the ski has a super strong sandwich and side wall construction to ensure it will hold up over New Zealand’s rocky terrain, Ultra light slim profile and killer graphics.

Be sure to demo this ski in your size or check it out here


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