10636152_274635422729485_5403963543221010360_nBLACK DIAMOND REVERT (188cm)

123-95-111 R23m


The classic ski… This ski is the modern tradition shape (if there was such a thing). Long running lines with a touch of rocker and early taper.

I have been using the Revert as a light touring ski for trips off the beaten track. Its light and easy to manage. The 95cm waist is a handy width for transitioning between ski and tour modes, you can grip the ski firmly in high winds (where light skis can blow away!) and easy insertion on to your pack or over shoulder.

The ski is mid flex with a soft tip and a stiffer tail to help with that heavy pack. The tail of the ski is slightly pinned and helps wash turns is the steeps, the tail also has a skin clip that ensures your Black Diamond skins stay on even in side slipping scenarios.

I mostly ride this ski off piste but have skied it inbounds a few times. They are great on short hikes but they can feel a bit skinny and light on icy moguls.

The bottom line on this ski is that it’s probably the best touring ski I have had. I will be holding on to them!


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