automatic_109_alpine_ski_AA0025334ATOMIC AUTOMATIC 109 (189cm)

135-109-125 R19.5m


First time on Atomic skis for me since the older beta series over a decade ago and fist time on a shapely ski such as this.

I was pleasantly surprised… This is a mid-flex ski with a wide shovel, a pin tail and early rise / taper tip and tail. The ski is also very light for what it is without using a chattering carbon core.

The ski performs best in boot to knee-deep powder where the tips stay up and the pin tail allows full speed control. The pin tail comes into life when drifting or smearing turns to wipe speed and invoking the surfy ride.

The 19.5m radius allows this ski to carve on firmer snow such as groomers and is fairly solid at high speeds. In the chopped up crud or icy variable snow the Automatic can be very nimble allowing quick turns.

The 109cm waist was pretty spot on for club field skiing but I am keen to try the 102cm or 117cm, that would be better is icier or deeper conditions respectively. However I never got around to it last season because this ski was so much fun. The Automatic series would also make great touring skis.

Check a pair out online here




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