Hiking boots or shoes with good traction. You might be walking in the snow to get to the ski field so keep this in mind.
A day pack that your skis or board can be strapped to. Make sure your pack is compatible for your equipment before you get to the mountains.
Carry water and some food in your pack in case you get dehydrated or the sugar levels run low between meals.
Dress in layers. The mornings and the evenings will be cold but during the day your body will be exerting a lot of energy riding the tows or going for a hike.
Goggles are a must. Sunglasses are good to have but not while skiing or riding in case of a crash as it can result in serious damage to your face.
BDS will supply you with an avalanche transceiver and harness for the rope tow but if you have your own then bring it. Your guide will be equipped with shovel and probe but we do not supply these for clients.
A climbing harness is suitable also if you have one.
If you like your own taste in music then bring it. Bring any music, DVD’s etc you like.
A reasonable fitness is helpful. We do not expect you to be an extreme athlete but a bit of training prior will make your club field experience enjoyable.
Your gear should be packed in back packs or duffle bags and pack lightly to make it easy on yourself. But we will be based at a lodge, so suitcase should be fine.
A torch or headlamp for in the evenings.
Toiletries, such as towel, soap, shampoo, toothbrush etc.
Wearing a helmet is your choice. There will be rocky terrain at the club fields. Though we recommend it.
Shoes for inside the lodge.
Entertainment such as reading material or playing cards.
Extra thermals and socks.
Extra cash for the canteen or bar. Some of the Club Fields do not accept credit cards.
No groomed runs at the club fields so make sure you have the right equipment for off piste. BDS can organize the correct equipment for hire or with a bit of notice we can arrange deals for purchase. Go phat!
Very minimal coverage for cell phones so keep this in mind.
Do not over look the obvious and bring your skis/board, boots, poles, hats, gloves, pants, jackets and sunblock.
Anything you do not have and need to get before you go into the mountains then BDS can bring you to the shops.
Travel insurance