Black Diamond Probe

GEAR REVIEW – Black Diamond Quick Draw Guide Probe 300mm

Safety equipment should be the most important kit in anyone’s pack who enters in to avalanche terrain. My choice in probe is the Black Diamond Quick Draw Guide Probe 300mm because it is rock solid and easy to use. The first thing I look for in a probe is the length; stay clear of anything […]

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Black Diamond Skins

GEAR REVIEW – BD Ascension Nylon STS Skins

This is our review of Black Diamond Ascension Nylon STS Skins.  These skins are awesome because of their durability and ease of use. When I choose my skin I am always looking for the one that will hold up in our NZ variable winter snow lines. Which for the past 5 years has had me […]

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GEAR REVIEW – Black Diamond Zealot 192cm

Ski Black Diamond Zealot 192cm (136-110-125 mm) R 29m, 4.9kg This ski was originally going to be my touring ski but it soon became my everyday ski. The Zealot tip features a low rocker early rise with taper. This is a very subtle design that allows easy turn initiation, great float in powder and doesn’t catch […]

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GEAR REVIEW – Cactus Patrol Pack

The only pack you will ever need! This 45L Cactus Climbing Pack can be compressed to a small size for easy resort skiing or expanded to be more than adequate for overnight trips. The outer pockets on this pack enables you to keep all mountain safety equipment (ie. rope, shovel, probe, poles, ice axe, skis, […]

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